guide to boiler installation

The use of a hot water boiler is to heat water that is then piped through a home or other building. Water provides heat at a radiator or through pipes under the floor. If you have an older hot water boiler that is showing its age, then it can be replaced by installing a new unit. This is done by first removing the old boiler and then setting the new one in place.

Remove Old Boiler

The first step is to close the shut-off valve for the water supply. When the water supply has been turned off to the boiler, you will then need to shut of the electricity or the gas. The boiler is powered by gas or by electricity. Turn off the electricity or close the shut-off valve for the gas supply.

Open a nearby hot water faucet to release the pressure in the line and then drain the boiler. This is done by connecting a garden hose to the drain valve on the boiler. Run the other end to a drain and then open the drain valve. The water in the boiler is not. You may want to let the boiler sit for at least an hour and then drain open the drain valve.

The vent pipe on a gas boiler will need to be disconnected from the draft hood. Remove a screw on the draft hood to take off the draft hood. Disconnect the gas line from the boiler. The water line connection to the boiler will then need to be disconnected. The boiler can now be taken off its base and set aside.

Install New Boiler

Position your new boiler in front of the base. Move the boiler into position by using a dolly or enlisting a friend to help. Prepare the boiler by connecting all necessary accessories. A new draft hood will need to be attached to a new gas boiler. Insert the metal legs of the draft hood into the slots that are on top of the boiler. Attach a new vent pipe to the boiler with sheet metal screws. Check the boiler to see if ii has a pressure relief valve attached.

Place the boiler onto the base and align the connections. Run the end of the gas line to the fitting that is on the boiler. Prepare the threads on the pipe and then tighten the connection. You may need to add new unions and nipple connections if not already attached to the top of the boiler. Attach the line for the hot water and the cold water to the connection on the boiler.

Turn on the electricity to the boiler or open the shut-off valve for the gas line. Close the faucet that you opened to earlier to drain the old boiler. Open the shut off valve for the hot water line. Check the boiler to see that is is working properly and then set the water temperature.

Additional Boiler Information

A licensed boiler engineer or plumber may be needed to start the boiler after making all the connections. If this is the case the contact Heatcare Norwich Ltd onĀ 07715 998479