High efficiency boilers, are they a worthy investment?

Boilers are integral to the comfort of many homeowners especially in the northern parts of the UK The problem is that with the rising costs of electricity, keeping a boiler constantly running is starting to cost more. Also with the growing concern over climate change the hefty energy consumption attributed to boilers has become problematic. This is why high efficiency boilers are gaining a bigger market share than it has in the past.

The problem is however, that switching boilers isn’t cheap. And taking into consideration the fact that more efficient boilers tend to be a lot more expensive than their less efficient counterparts, a lot of people wonder whether or not high efficiency boilers are a good investment?

New high efficiency boilers are lower in terms of energy consumption by 20% in comparison to their less efficient competitors. From an environmental standpoint this matters a great deal. Boilers can contribute up to 65% a household’s carbon emissions and the usage of today’s more efficient boilers can cut that percentage down. This means that a more efficient boiler can greatly reduce the amount of pollution your household contributes. Also the OK government alongside several local state governments actually offer tax incentives to businesses and households who make the choice to utilize greener technology, hence increasing savings.

Aside from the environmental perspective, the installation of a high efficiency boiler can reduce your heating bills by hundreds of dollars in a yearly basis. It can save you thousands of dollars taking into account the average 15 year lifespan of a regular boiler. Since the amount of fuel necessary to produce the ideal temperature level is much lower, you save a great deal in fuel expenditure for your boiler.

So is installing a new boiler worth the cost? The answer will still of course come from you. But in making that decision, you will have to take into consideration several factors. For one thing you help the environment. In using a more efficient boiler you also cut down your heating costs by hundreds of dollars and you can avail of incentives offered by the government. So what will it be?

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