Combination Boiler Sytem

combination boilers from Worcester, Bax, Vaillant and PottertonCombi boilers (combination boilers) are condensing boilers that provide a combination of both central heating and hot water in a single unit. Providing an instant, unlimited, hot water supply, new combi boilers heat water on demand improving energy efficiency.

  • A combination boiler takes up less space.
  • A combination boiler does not store all your hot water.
  • A combination boiler is more energy efficient.
  • You only heat the water that you actually need.
  • A combination boiler provides hot water on demand.

If you are trying to become more energy efficient then a condensing combi boiler can be an excellent choice. Modern combination boilers only heat the water you need at the time that you need it, reducing heat loss through inefficient storage and reducing the costs of heat loss from storing water in cylinders. A combi boiler central heating system does not need a cold water tank or separate water cylinder and provides hot water on demand. They are also more efficient, more reliable and cost less to run and maintain. A new combination boiler for your central heating should run at 90 per cent efficiency compared to your old central heating boiler costing you much more by working at less than 70 per cent efficiency.

Heatcare Norwich Ltd can supply ‘A’ rated combi boilers from all the major manufacturers including Potterton, Baxi, Ideal and Worcester Bosch.

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